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A Qualified Mediator Can Help You and Your Family

Mediation is a legal process that can help settle disputes and improve communication between parties. It is a unique opportunity for the parties to make decisions instead of allowing a total stranger to make decisions for you. If you are going through a divorce or are seeking changes to your child custody, child support, or visitation, a mediator’s services are invaluable. A mediator can help you reduce the overall financial and emotional cost of litigation.

A mediator is not hired by either party and does not represent either party. A mediator is a neutral and assists the parties with reaching an agreement without the need for a long and expensive court battle. Mediation is required in in almost all family court proceedings in South Carolina and can be an invaluable process.

Elizabeth Rainey is an experienced Family Court mediator and assists families through the mediation process.

Elizabeth Hope Rainey Understands the Law

Most counties in South Carolina, including York County, require mediation in family law cases like those mentioned above. When you and your spouse go through mediation, you are given the unique opportunity to craft your settlement as opposed to going through the long, difficult and expensive court system. A qualified mediator understands the law to the fullest extent and has worked with many clients in similar situations.

Hope Rainey is an experienced mediator in Rock Hill, SC. She can help you work through a variety of family law disputes. If you need a mediator in York, Chester, or Lancaster counties, call our office today.

A mediator is not hired by either party and does not represent either party.

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